DeepScale uses deep learning to build accurate and efficient perception systems that enable automated machines to “see”. Our software takes input from sensors and produces an environmental model of the real world. Our prior work has produced neural nets that maintain state-of-the-art accuracy but are up to 500x smaller than other nets designed for the same task. We have thought leaders and experienced practitioners in computer vision, AI-powered 3D reconstruction, and deploying small neural nets in embedded applications.

Software Engineer

We are currently looking for Software Engineers who enjoy the freedom to explore solutions and the ability to lead new projects that the company will depend on.

In this role, you will:

  • Contribute to development on multiple high priority projects related to deep learning.
  • Build core technologies that enable semi-autonomous and fully-autonomous driving

Important Qualifications

  • High familiarity with Python, including NumPy
  • Excellent team software engineering practices
  • Solid math or machine learning background
  • Good interpersonal communication skills

Good-to-have Qualifications

  • Experience with full stack web application development
  • Familiarity with low level programming (C/C++)
  • Experience doing novel research in Deep Learning

Education/Experience Requirements

  • Minimum BS CS or ECE
  • Previous internships or job experience in computer science

Location: Mountain View, CA