Data Manager at DeepScale


Data Manager

Full-Time in Mountain View, CA - Mid Level

We are looking for a QA Manager to wrangle data and help our team create rich datasets.

Your responsibilities:

Run reports on our dataset (training, test, validation) and report on the richness of our data (Since Data is one of our competitive differentiators we need to know how good that differentiator is)

2. Determine what data we need (i.e. areas where our dataset is lacking), and schedule data collections

  • You will be responsible for QA after collecting data to ensure the team has what they need
  • You will be responsible for determining if the team needs to send out a test vehicle into the field after making your discoveries (drive in our test vehicle, or go out with one of our drivers if needed)
  • You will determine if we have what we need, and then send the data to annotation (work with engineers to make this happen in a timely manner).
  • Handle customer data to determine if we should use it (handle the licensing issues), and if so, label the data to ensure it gets added to our dataset.
  • Managing the annotators (Samasource etc) to ensure the annotations are done in a timely manner, and within budget.
  • QA the annotations to make sure Samasource is not creating any confusion for the team
  • Identify corner cases in the data that we are not seeing, or Samasource is not seeing
  • Work with the engineering team on labeling the data
  • Manage the engineers who help upload data, and label the upload to DB, etc. to ensure new data is getting into the training, validation, and test sets ( You will inform the team about progress on this front)
  • Determine the tools needed to analyze and visualize the data that we have, and work with the engineers to build necessary tools
  • Create test video segments that our team can use for our internal testing and demo purposes


  • Experience managing programs and wrangling data
  • Experience doing manual QA
  • Experience giving general directions and communicating findings with Engineering leadership
  • Bachelors Degree or related experience