Director of Automotive AI Safety at DeepScale


Director of Automotive AI Safety

Full-Time in Mountain View, CA - Senior

Automotive Safety Thought Leaders: make your voice heard in this highly visible position interacting directly with our Tier-1 and OEM automotive partners to create, refine and champion measurable acceptance criteria for automated vehicle safety standards. In this role you will also have the opportunity to design and build specialized software test and quality processes from the ground up.

At DeepScale, we are a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup with a mission to advance the future of safer transportation as we look to bring millions of drivers into assisted and automated driving. We develop artificial intelligence perception software for driver-assistance and automated driving, with a focus on implementing efficient deep neural networks on automotive-grade processors. Here’s our current playbook:

  • Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) have become the most accurate and robust approach for object detection, as well as other environmental perception problems, that are necessary for safer driver-assistance and automated driving.
  • Running DNNs in real-time typically requires large quantities of expensive GPU hardware. Fortunately, DeepScale's team has some of the world's leading researchers on squeezing DNNs onto smaller processors (such as those produced by the leading suppliers of automotive silicon).
  • This technology, combined with DeepScale's strong partnerships with automotive Tier-1 and OEMs, will enable DeepScale to deploy DNNs in cars at a more rapid and affordable pace than industry analysts have predicted.

Join us and you’ll be:

  • Working directly with top OEM customers to set new autonomous vehicle AI/DNN safety performance criteria and establish DeepScale as the DNN safety thought leader.
  • Collaborating closely with our unique deep neural network development team, to create a functional safety strategy that demonstrates our commitment to the automotive industry and regulators to building trusted, safe DNN software products.
  • Building a safety team to research, deploy, assess, and revise DNN release performance criteria, meeting internal, industry, and regulatory QA/QC needs.

A few things you’ll love about this role:

  • You will be pioneering entirely new automotive safety performance standards for deep neural networks, interacting with fellow safety champions across the automotive world.
  • You will have the potential to save tens of thousands of lives on the road in your first years at DeepScale.
  • You will be working with an incredible team of talented full stack DNN engineers and leaders passionate about building safety solutions and eager to share their knowledge.
  • You will be in a highly visible and respected leadership role, building a team to design and implement a DNN safety methodology for testing, verification, meeting ISO 26262.
  • Our work culture is focused and passionate, but with an emphasis on collaboration and cooperation, not competition. The company has a strong belief in the value of work-life balance with the freedom to solve problems your own way with the necessary resources.
  • We offer relocation, competitive pay with stock grants above the industry average, along with excellent benefits.

Here’s what our expectations are of you:

  • As a thought leader and visionary in automotive safety software, you use your experience with automobile functional safety standards (such as ISO 26262, APQP, FMEA, and NCAP) to influence needed changes and modifications in OEM acceptance criteria and industry standards:
    • You are a key safety researcher or safety manager/director with an OEM, Tier 1, or autonomous system provider responsible for advancing automotive functional safety strategies, constructively persuasive in influencing your firm’s leadership and development teams. You are an active member of a standards committee.
    • Or, you lead a software engineering development team with full-lifecycle ADAS experience from product inception through to release of one or more functional safety elements, such as lane departure warning, blind-spot detection, adaptive cruise control, sensor fusion, Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) networking, LIDAR, radar, or image processing.
  • You are a senior software engineer from the functional safety field, with demonstrated accomplishments in embedded, AI, or DNN software development.
  • You have a graduate degree in an engineering discipline.
  • You have strong public speaking skills and previous experience working with the media as a subject matter expert.